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Hey to everyone out there still not using an auto-responder for the holiday.

Stay strong, almost there.

Although, I have to say I treasure the time when the inbox goes quiet.

This is one of the best times of year to *think* without distraction. I’ve acquired a lot of hard earned knowledge and skills this year, but one that still needs working on is taking breaks from working. I tend to work until I’m burnt out and feel like curling up in a ball under the blankets and re-watching all of Breaking Bad, instead of knowing when to release my mind before it gets too overwhelmed.

Anyways, I wanted to create a space where this community can live outside of email. I think there’s still a lot of room to grow and connect further in 2018, and no doubt I’m loving writing and interacting with everyone.

I launched a website for Creative Caffeine with the help of Maxim Seibert.

It’s a work in progress… so what would you like to see here?

This is your space too, so It would mean a lot if you checked it out and left some ideas for how it could grow. I’d love to help you all connect further and build upon what’s here now.

What could you use more of in the year ahead?

Here to help,

xx David


Newsletters, still awesome.
Newsletters have still been the method for gathering like-minded people online to discuss and share ideas with. It’s amazing, even with all of the other networks out there, I find that carving spaces without commercial intervention, ads and is still essential for more concrete connection between people.

I’m surprised at this, but also happy as I see them as providing much-needed meaning and support without the deafening sound of politics and clamoring for attention on social media.

Community hours.
I’ve been wanting to host more community hours of Twitch. I have a vision for how we can hop on once a week or once a month via Twitch and for anyone alone at work or who wants to connect more with others.

Other/Miscellaneous Media:

Death to the Stock Photo’s website got a facelift
New Death to Stock video about Passion: Get Down
I launched an interview series called Non-Conformist Empire Builders
where I interviewed:

Paul Jarvis – blogger/author
Miki Agrawal – the founder of Thinx
Tim Urban – Wait but Why
Michael Ventura – Sub Rosa Agency

I’ve cooled off on the podcast train, used be a few hours a day.  Right now I’m loving Dissect podcast because it’s so in-depth. I also grabbed the free trial of XM radio to consume about 50 episodes of the Howard Stern Show before it ended.  I’m sort of reading a few books right now including Who Can you Trust? re-reading Just Kids and Deep Work and The Culting of Brands.

Last night I saw Home Alone with my girlfriend at a roof-top theater and it’s been bringing me back to my childhood. Not because I was alone, but just movies I used to watch… Nostalgia seems to be creeping up on me more these days. I had an obsession with Star Wars that was re-kindled with this newest movie. Just noticing more signs that remind me of childhood or old obsessions. I’m wishing I had time to bring those old desires to play out in my life ahead. I’ll be thinking about this over break.

Fresh calendars ahead!

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