RE: Your Single Biggest Creative Challenge

Re: What’s your single biggest challenge as a creative today?

“I have visions so much bigger but can’t justify the time by knowing how much it could bring in or, worse, knowing it will be meaningless financially but fulfilling creatively. That stuff–which I love–loses almost every time.”


“I put a lot of pressure on myself to write, and I still really struggle with putting my stuff out there. I suspect a lot of my best work is sitting in my saved drafts.”



“Feeding all the fires between current clients, wrapping up reviews and portfolios with past clients, and nurturing new ideas/projects. I thrive off of challenging myself and finding balance. But sometimes the new ideas are too enticing and I’d rather dream about the future than do today’s work.”



“I’ve been full of the creative energy to start projects lately, but with my full-time school and multiple part-time jobs I’m worried I won’t be able to get any of them done on time, let alone all of them. It’s difficult to choose where to put my energy and to find the time to see them through. ”



“As much as I love being the main creative for our company, it’s starting to feel lonely. It’s hard to spend all your time working around people who don’t understand what you do. As a matter of fact, no, I can’t just “Sketch up a logo real quick when I have a second,” or “Throw together some new package designs this week.” That’s really not how this works. ”



“I know I’m a creative person, but I can’t seem to figure out what to put that creative drive behind. Being a recent college grad, I am presented with many paths my life could take. And while I do believe you can change your life path at any age/time, I often freeze in the face of the multitude of options I have at this current crossroads.”



“I think I’ve reached the peak of my already stretched creative capabilities. I am struggling with whether to hire people to help me write blogs, create social media posts, and just handle content marketing in general so I can focus on the core fundamentals of my growing side hustle.”



“I am just setting up a brand & content consultancy. My single biggest challenge at the moment is finding the right creatives to work with to solve specific challenges. Business challenges tend to be multi-dimensional. I need multi-dimensional talent.. strategically-led creatives with commercial nouse.”



“I took on too many things (new day job, very intensive and time-consuming evening course) and now I barely have time or energy to continue getting (interesting.) proofreading and translation work. ”



“My biggest challenge is indecisiveness leading to not finishing an idea out of my comfort zone. I create instrumentals for music licensing and recently have felt stuck overthinking quality, which then led to abandoned projects. Self doubt led to a graveyard of beats. ”



” Not exactly a creative in my field but have lots of ideas, for which i dont find the right kind of people. I work in the chemistry industry, there is a bunch of creative ideas that come up along with knowing the attributes and reactions of certain chemicals, with artwork to match.

Been looking for someone to share that vision with me. ”


Real quick: I’ve read every response to the census, and I hear you. You have creativity inside of you that you want to share with the world. And deep down you know you’ve got more inside to share.

Which is why I’m creating something new – building a different type of community – no to do list hacks, no promises of instant riches (although hey, maybe someday), but instead; regular motivation and courage to create and ship your work, all while supporting artists in the process.

Of course, this will come with an extra shot of caffeine.

It should be coming soon, until then…
Back to regular programming.

xx David

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