Sunday Briefing – A Spark

A fire doesn’t start until a there’s a single spark.

You can have all of the kindling in place, dry wood and brush, but until there’s that light…

There’s no fire.


Welcome back to another week on earth, the 8th week of the year.

Writing in from Big Bear California, from an antique-filled cabin where there’s snow on the ground, a faint smell of burning brush outside and this morning we had pancakes. (!!)

Weekends are for work… or they are for getting away.

And mostly my life tends to follow that binary reality. I’m in my work routine 7 days a week, or I’m off somewhere, almost totally forgetting about who I was during the week.

If I’m doing a good job at this, I’m totally engrossed in either version. It’s only when I confuse these two people that result in a type of stress… away but thinking about work, or working but thinking about being away

Anyways, weekends make things choppy.
So it’s hard to sort out which of these lives I prefer.

Because the game of being creative is about momentum.

Then again, If we keep going full steam ahead, we risk getting caught in the trap of running in circles.

The same breakfasts, visiting the same stores, the same work, the same people and on and on… moving “forward” in circles.

It’s a path of comfort. And it’s a blur. Following the same grooves again and again even though you keep hitting the same pothole every go-round.

So, knowing which of these routine-comforts propels you and which traps you… that’s the tricky part.

So we continue along in the same patterns, the same cycles, the same blips on the monitor again and again unaware…

Until something happens. And something always happens.

Could be months or years or decades. Someone or something comes into our lives and pulls us from this cycle and changes our trajectory.

Is it a new opportunity? A new relationship?
Or is it an illness? A death? A wakeup call?

Life will change you.

But in the meantime, you can change your life.

Become your own course-correct. The positive kind. The one that sets yourself on a new trajectory.

There’s a nascent ability inside us that’s ready to wake up to what’s next. And when life throws us new textures we can find them enjoyable and interesting and a curious part of what it means to be human. Joy in the challenge of it all.

And so every week we create.
And every weekend we create space to see ourselves.

And when we get together with friends we listen to them and see how we can nudge them forward and support.

Positive inertia for your friends, family, and colleagues.

A friendly push into the next discomfort.

A spark for the world.

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