Last Week’s Livestream with Sian Richardson

We’ve all got the same tools, but some use them differently.

Which is why in the era of democratized design (i.e Squarespace, Canva et all), it’s harder and harder to stand out.

Sian’s work has always stood out to me. It’s always looked like it’s… hers. So when I saw her work about 3-4years ago I knew I should reach out. Actually, what caught me was the copywriting, which lead me to find and work with her copywriter on early DTS brand messaging (Hillary Weiss), but that’s another story.

When you look behind the scenes of Sian’s work the tools are no different.
The Squarespace site… even stock photos. It’s just that the output has a certain soul to it.

We got to see her designing some layouts live and showcasing a few of the tools that make that possible. Mostly it comes from the inspiration you pull, of which Sian prefers in-hand print.

And I’d tell you to watch the replay, but the truth is it’s better live.

And, as the show takes shape, I’m seeing that the best moments are unplanned and when we go on tangents. Which happen from chat input from community members voicing their views. What we get is a feeling of discovery as we peruse the web, finding new rabbit holes and topics to explore.

Like TriviaHQ and the rise of fitness vlogging.

Yeah, there are still some hiccups. But those will be ironed out over time. I’ve got a post brewing in my mind about today’s streaming tools, of which I’m leaving no rock unturned. Youtube or Twitch? I’m also feverishly trying to get a grasp on who in the space is making waves?

It’s still early days.

Turn the controls over to today’s forward-thinking creators and Artists.

Then sit back and soak it in.

xoxo David

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