Last week’s livestream with Matthew Bogart


I found Matthew’s Patreon via Just Jackson’s Twitter.

Matthew makes webcomics, specifically Incredible Doom, which is about growing up in the 90’s and accessing the internet for the first time.

The comic is a sort of onion, laden with deeper truths and experiences that we all share. I remember going online for the first time, and how it opened my world, so it resonated.

What I didn’t expect was how he modeled, full on 3D modeled, his characters before having them sketched up. And how he’s excited about VR and the future that might bring, although if you can get comics in print, there’s still something special about it.

Although today Matthew does everything on iPad, from the writing to the sketching to shipping it off to the printer. It’s simply harder to sketch on paper. The Kindle gave you one thousand books in your pocket, the Apple Pencil is gives you one thousand brushes. So as PC sales level off, the new creative weapon of choice is iPad pro. These days even Tattoo artists are drawing things with the iPad, everything except the ink…

And he had prepped a PDF (attached a few slides below) for the conversation, as well as some links to tools and inspiration, like Comic Draw, a program that helps you lay out your comic’s script. But, due to some tech issues with sound, we opted to go to Q&A via chat, streamed over OBS connected to my Twitch Stream key.

And speaking of live streams…I’ve decided to fully move over to Twitch as the focus.

It’s about context and playing where the puck is going.

At this point, I’m a Twitch evangelist, because for creatives on there it’s Twitch has yet to have its moment. Unless, you’re in gaming, in which case Twitch is HUGE. Ditto for eSports.

I’m serious, if you’re looking to stream, ping me, I’ll help set you up.

This is about a shift in the digital culture and I want you to go there with me. The tech is still a pain, but I believe in the connection that will happen here. So some will take a peak, scratch their head and come back when the culture shifts.

And the culture always shifts.

So who will break on Twitch creative?

I can see comedy coming next, but if I were a standup I’d opt for Periscope which links best to Twitter. Think about it, if you’re a musician or a stand-up, you can play a club with what.. 10, 30 people in it? Or you can go live on Periscope and get 50, maybe 100! And you can go on every night of the week!

And you can get PAID!

So it’s always in the deep corners that things are happening. Like the Peer to Peer revolution. The underground scene is testing what’s possible, and every day there are tech advancements. For those who are in it, it feels totally normal. For those who aren’t, it seems alien.

But then Oats Studio is on crowdfunding their new short film, reruns of Bob Ross bubble up, H3H3 goes live…

If you skip speaking with me about it, start with Ecamm or OBS. If you’re on a PC Streamlabs might be up your alley, and I’ll give honorable mention to Vimeo and Crowdcast. Pick up a Yeti mic, watch some youtube tutorials and go live.

The platforms, they are a changing…

Matthew’s Patreon 
Comic Draw
Matthew on Twitter

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An interview with Kevin Eastmen

What are you streaming right now?

What are you reading right now?

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