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I’ve received a host of thoughtful messages from subscribers. Here are a few recent replies.

Also; while the community isn’t all communicating directly, I’ve heard from many of you feel that this is still a small island on the web where you can discuss, participate and feel connected to others with similar interests but different perspectives.

No community is static. It grows and changes.

I’m growing as much as I possibly can, sharing along the way. I’m always glad to add growth and new perspectives from others.

Re: Do we really want to be successful?

Would you buy an already built up LEGO? It’s the journey.

Daniel Latch

Re: Do we really want to be successful?

Hi David,

To me, this email is all wrong. I feel personally that the problem is we are always striving and never arriving. Success is different to everyone of course, and if I snap my fingers I can honestly say right now at this moment, sitting in this SW11 Flat in London I have made it. I am just a 33-year-old women from NZ, who works in front of a screen like everyone else.

People don’t like struggling, the journey is a croc, it’s a lie that was sold to us to keep people immobilised for reaching their full potential. Gratitude is what keeps us humbling and allows us to enjoy that feeling of “making it” because at the end of the day we have all made it. Every decision that you have made in your life right now is reflected in this very moment you have found yourself in. You are here because of the decisions you made so why can’t this moment be that snap of the fingers.

Fear plays a huge part in peoples lives, it immobilises them. However I strongly believe if people took inventory of there lives, they will see that there were no failures only results, and maybe those results weren’t what you wanted but they weren’t failures.

Cheers for the email love! Big love back.


Re: Do we really want to be successful?

think about this a lot.

The one thing I constantly wish I could snap my fingers to have is “enough” money to not ever have to think about or be stressed about money again. If I knew I had enough money to be set for the rest of my life and not have to think about making money, man… I can’t imagine.


Jason Z

Re: Do we really want to be successful?

Huh….this really got me thinking. My first instinct was: but the journey! I wouldn’t want to miss the things I’m learning while I’m taking the winding road to the top.

Then I thought, well, yes, yes I would like to be at the peak.

Because the learning doesn’t stop there. It just comes from a different perspective. I’d have a different set of problems, so there’d still be some sort of tension on the way to the next peak.

So, when you find the magic wand, I’ll be in line to have it waved over me!

Thanks for the thoughts,


Re: “I Feel like a Fraud, Why?”

Love today’s email! I’ve been feeling egotistical because of my feelings of being an owner or being in charge. I’ve felt both like a fraud AND like I think too highly of myself because I take some things so seriously while others don’t, but reading this has made me realize that just because I know what needs to be done and go do it doesn’t mean I’m being “bossy” or whatever. I’m being a go-getter and an owner. I’m curious to see how lots of things could change if people took on more of this caring sort of ownership.

T.N Squire
Re: “I Feel like a Fraud, Why?”

Absolutely loved this.

I could talk on this all day long.

The owner mentality is a perfect way to describe the difference in handling and management that a typical person in general has compared to those who create something out of love, or build businesses from the ground up with every attention to detail.
Not just for success, but for the satisfaction of knowing you gave it all you had.

You can be proud even if it doesn’t work out because it is still something to look back on in a positive light.

All the best,
David K

Re: Energy is the only Metric I Track

Thank you for sharing. Sometimes I wish these didn’t land in my inbox and get mentally relegated to ‘work’. Whenever I do make the time to read them, it makes me feel connected to a greater world consciousness that I always hope is out there…..but unfortunately don’t get to connect with in my current location / situation.

Again thanks – this one is particularly full of good daily reminders. Printing for the pinboard!

Cheers + keep it up.


Re: The Fire

Reminds me of first principles thinking.

Powerful to empathize with base reality.

Subscribing to the abstractions of others limits your ability to reap the benefits of reframing.

The source of creativity is a re-frame.

Powered by an entropic dive into the chaos of “how things really are”, new mental models can emerge. New perspective–ways o seeing the water ( .

In the right context, these new abstractions give us an affordance we didn’t have before. They help us see things others can’t.

Then, the struggle is to manifest value for others based on what we see (design) or spread the new mental model so others too can look at base reality in a new lens (art).

I think that’s the big difference between art and design.

To do either well is to dive into first principles. The difference lies in what you author, and why.



Re: The Fire

Hi David,

I really like this one!

I had a creative block a few months ago and i tried so many different things to try and get out of it! None of them sparked me.

I started cleaning up and “throwing out” pieces of the past. Or filing pieces of the past.

I came across a big jar of Origami cranes i had folded. Cigarettes that i folded when I quit smoking! I thought to myself I put so much love and effort into these cranes I cant just throw them away. Along with the cigarettes were some larger cranes where i had written gratitudes in in my journey to quit smoking.

I think it took about 2 days to come up with something. I was in a horrible place at the time, a dark and sad place.

I went back to a song lyric that i discovered about 10 years ago “life is like origami and we are hidden within the folds”. I always wanted to create something with that but never did. Finally i put it to use. I turned into a crazy origami lady, every night i would sit and create create create! The more i created the better my pieces were, the more inspired I was! I sat until early hours of the morning just to get up and create some more.

I took something terrible like smoking and turned it into something beautiful! For myself. No one else. The art I have hanging on my walls is filled with gratitudes. I overcame a creative block with the simple art of folding paper.

I guess i used something that had taken my mother from me and brought a part of her back to life.

I didnt touch a cigarette for 7 months. Unfortunately I have started again. I am showered with guilt from time to time because Its the poison that killed her and I let myself down with my achievements. However, I also know that that guilt and self disappointment will eventually turn into something beautiful.

A cup of coffee, a cigarette and throwing the ball for my dog at the moment is the morning routine. I am enjoying it. In a weeks time I wont have the yard anymore but a small balcony. My morning routine will need to adjust to the changes that are happening in my life.

I have moved house, country and continent so many times and every time even though similar the routine changes.

My mum once asked my dad “what do you want from life” and he responded “nothing, as long as I can enjoy my cup of coffee in the morning”. He passed when I was 6 years old but I have carried that as a message with me for the past 25years. A simple message “be grateful and enjoy the simple things in life”.

I think people in general worry to much about acceptance. When all we really need to do is accept ourselves flaws and all. Then we start to figure out how to get out of our creative blocks and be inspired by our own beauty, the beauty in destruction. When the dark cloud hovers over us we can only hope that it rains. The rain will nurture us. It brings life and when the sun comes out we can start to sprout and eventually blossom.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.
Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”


Thank you for your inspirational letters. Thank you for giving people a canvas to open up creative thinking!




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