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“Podcast” was a term adopted thanks to the iPod, newly able to broadcast our voices without any gatekeeper who owned the airwaves of radio.

The word has always felt a bit clunky to me, maybe a bit too formal?

With my show no agenda, I feel more like I’m “Live-blogging.”
(H/t. Tyler Cowen (https://marginalrevolution.com/) )

When the episodes are just me, I’m riffing much like I do when I write. Think of those episodes as the vocal complement to my written posts.

When the episodes are with me and a guest, my attempt is to remove the stuffiness and formality of interviews and structure that are typical of most shows.

Not only do I intentionally create a more loose outline for my discussion, I welcome serendipity as I find it brings out the most unique and interesting points of discussion. I feel more engaged with a guest when I’m not trying to stick to a script or get to a certain point.

And, I feel freer to ask dumb, or very nuanced questions.

To date, only 40% of people in the US have listened to a podcast. The brand of “podcasts” to me, feels like a lot to commit to…sort of like reading a book.

Maybe they’ll instead be interested to check out somebody’s liveblog?

Speaking of liveblogs, you can check out the no agenda show here. (http://noagenda.tv)

My most recent interview is meta, as it’s about how my friend Jay (https://twitter.com/jayclouse) started and grew his podcast.


Growing a Podcast, Episode with Jay Clouse, Upside FM (https://share.transistor.fm/s/d8202f43)

Past Episodes
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