A Brand in 10 Ideas


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What is a Brand?

1. Every Brand is a Promise.
2. How you fulfill that promise is what makes you stand out.
3. If you deliver on your promise, again and again, you will build trust.
4. If you over deliver on your promise, again and again, you will build repeat business and referrals.
5. If you haven’t defined the system for delivering on your promise, you will blend in.
6. If you underdeliver on your promise you will have churn.
7. If you are unsure what your promise is, you will lack clarity and focus, and your customers will, too.
8. If you are consistent, you show commitment. People like to be committed to other people who are committed to them.
9. Positioning is the context of how you deliver your product.
10. Distribution tells your story (make sure it’s the right one).

CC Note:

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It went *Great.*

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To me that is something very special… to feel stuck and then receive a dozen emails in your inbox of support. And to share what you’ve learned and help others when you can.

New member questions are already teed up for this week

xx David

P.S. How do you see this fitting into the CC–Universe? Dedicated weekly email? etc.


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