Hey, I’m David. I believe everyone can be an artist, because art is about the approach to your craft rather than a title you acquire.

To me, success means that you are fully engaged in your work, as your best self. That’s what being an Artist is about. We can’t all quit our jobs, make millions, save the world… but we can all have less stress, be more curious, connect more, and learn to enjoy our work and our connection to others in the broader creative world.

My old about page had some quotes about who I was and about what I do, but none of that really matters, compared to the discussions and ideas being sparked in this community.

My goal is to light you up each week with ideas and insights.

If we can discuss the hard topics together, stay up to date on the latest trends, place context around important events, slow… down... I believe you’ll find yourself more comfortable with who you are, more optimistic about your future, more creative in your work, and treasured among your peers.

Now, if we can do that together… is there a limit to how great can this all be?

The content of this newsletter is as generally as follows; although I will break my own rules and try something new as often as possible.

Industry insights: Giving context to real-time news relevant to creative types.

Personal stories: Using my experiences with my network and day to day life to shed light on interesting parts of the human condition).

Community feedback: Sharing emails I get from this community broadly so as to share multiple perspectives.

This is all just beginning, come along and see where I go.

xx David

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(ABOUT) David Sherry has been wearing his DTS hoodie and working on his laptop in coffee shops around the country for the last 4 years. Prior to that, he attemped to and failed to launch numerous community projects related to photography and travel.

After a 6-month road trip around the U.S. last year, he’s finally landed on the West Coast in sunny Santa Monica, where he runs his company, Death to the Stock Photo.

David communicates with hundreds of thousands of artists around the globe through his newsletter each month, where he intends to push them to break the rules and supply them with resources and inspiration that help them throw out the map and chart their own path. 


Death to the Stock Photo  (My full time thing).

Receive unconventional, human stock resources for your projects on a monthly basis. I started this out of school which I grew to 500k subscribers and over $1M in revenue.

Creative Caffeine Newsletter (My most enjoyable creative practice.)

A regular email conversation about being an artist today with notes, discoveries, and questions.  I believe the discussions around these topics on an ongoing basis are critical to keeping artists and creators empowered and moving forward with optimism.

The First 4 Years Podcast (Where I’m learning the most.)

Everyone talks with those at the top of their craft, the founder who started a Billion Dollar Company and the Artist who spoke at Google. But what about making the first step into the creative field? What about how someone who’s just starting out can go from employed to self-employed? In this show, I try and dissect some of my early struggles and speak with guests about the first 4 years in business.

Killer Brand Marketing – Most people feel gross about using marketing tactics, hacks, or what I call “manipulations.” Killer Brand Marketing is my method for coaching individuals and brands through growing an audience in a way that’s human, repeatable, and feels natural for their brand.

You can see more about working with me here.

Photography – I used to shoot photography professionally, but now I take a few projects a year if I love the artist or brand.


My work, in 3 simple ideas.

1. Resource creators (with insight, connections, and investment).

2. Teach what I know (Share my experiences with those interested in learning).

3. Lead by example (walk the walk).


My aspiration – Help Create Non-Conformist Empire Builders


1. Seek to build and launch multiple successful projects, brands or companies over their lifetime.

2. Break some rules, the kind that helps others instead of hurt.

3. Win by being themselves, instead of following others.



It takes a community.

(in no particular order, and with many exceptions)

Thanks to :

Allie Lehman, Doug Joseph, Jay Clouse, Patty, Brian Zuercher, Shaun Singh, Corey Morgan, Willis Jackson, Adam Lehman, Nils Root, Seth Dunlap,  Chris McAlister, Patrick Chin, my Mom, Michael Albert, Grant Spanier,  Zach Boerger, Melissa, the first 400 people that signed up for Death to Stock Premium when it was just a landing page, Ben Gilbert, Jared Gibbons, Mark Stansbury, Tania, Andy Sparks, Rich Langdale, Staci Haush, Elisabeth Taverierny, Jason Ross, Jenny, Dad, Dan Rockwell,  Nate Embrey, Christian Deuber, Mick at One Line, Joe from Mission, Joy Bailer, Joana Galvao, Val Geisler, Eric Junker, Airbnb, Carol Walden, Luca, Paul Jarvis, Clayton Fuller, Zach Freidman, Andrew and Scott, Ben Rudolph, Greg, Chase, and Jordan, Seth Godin, Val Geisler, Eric my tax guy, Startup Weekend, Harrison Westfall, Nick Seguin, Jason Zook, Dennis Feild, Andy Johnson, Patrick Pohler, Leah Bell,  Kelly Pierson, Elise Knueven, Tim Scullen, Bobby Jocson, Lot 2046, Faith Anne, Ashton Gaitanos, Andy Betz, Mailchimp, and so many more…