“Artist Lessons”

Becoming Genius

  I’m not sure why new people continue to join this list, or where they are coming from. But maybe it is the simple idea that far too many things in this world are telling you what to do, instead of how to be. There is nothing that you can simply do that will bring […]

no agenda with James Clear

  I want to know more. We see apps, websites, podcasts, books etc. launch online and they all seem to be this incredibly polished, finished product. The truth is, there was a lot that went into their creation. So I’m making a place to share all of the first drafts, inspiration, philosophy, tools behind the […]

“I Kill My Own Ideas, Why?”

  “I often kill off my own ideas before I even give them a real chance, why?” I had someone ask me this today, and I think it’s a common issue for most people. What’s common is the pressure we put on an idea to be the “right” one before we even start. We want […]

2018 Superpowers

The greatest skill of 2018 is Discernment. Fake news, Fake Science, Real News, Real Science… What the hell is going on out there? Every day we turn on streams of other people’s thoughts. These streams of minds are coming out of your radio, your Twitter feed, your Facebook timeline and it’s filled with positivity or […]

Do we really want to be successful?

If you could “Make it.” If you could reach the top peak of everything you ever wanted to accomplish. Right now. In the snap of your fingers… Would you? Would we be happy with this Grand Achievement, if it came without effort? I’m not sure.

“I Feel like a Fraud, Why?”

  “I Feel Like a Fraud, Why?” I had a baseball coach in High School. He has been teaching and coaching at the school for decades. In my Sophomore year, the school completed a build of a new Baseball diamond, with quality bleachers and dugouts. Every single day after school he went out to the […]

The Fire

In our time together, I haven’t once given you a tip about a morning routine. Or a step by step program for social media. Or how you might become an influencer of some kind. I don’t think this is what any of you want. And if this does happen, it happens as an effect rather […]

Thoughts on building a professional network

I work from home. I don’t see people that often. So for me, I’ve been able to really lean on a supergroup of online friends, collaborators, and instigators to help me get out of a rut of feeling too down about not having people I can talk to… It’s definitely not perfect, and if I’m […]

Reinvention, and Going Through a Transition

The cycles of transition and reinvention are speeding up. We used to stay in one job, one town, for 40 years. Today, we may switch jobs every 2 years, locations every four, and industries every six. I’m going to explain what it looks like to go through a transition or reinvention. This isn’t to give […]

The Reason Ideas Spread (To Early Adopters)

THE great indicator of growth is that which cannot be tracked: Word of mouth, person to person. When an idea flows through the culture… When it spreads on its own… How can you create something that does this? I’ll lay out the simple, difficult kernel of how this works. It’s the key to understanding early […]