A mirror for your growth

  The dirty secret of the startup industry is… It’s an emotional roller coaster, with yourself. Starting and running a company, launching a creative project, changing careers… these take a massive emotional toll. I’ve been there. I bootstrapped a company at 23, hitting $1M in revenue… and then got shingles at 26 from stress. Which […]

Mail Re: Success, Information, etc.

  I’ve received a host of thoughtful messages from subscribers. Here are a few recent replies. Also; while the community isn’t all communicating directly, I’ve heard from many of you feel that this is still a small island on the web where you can discuss, participate and feel connected to others with similar interests but […]

Thoughts on building a professional network

I work from home. I don’t see people that often. So for me, I’ve been able to really lean on a supergroup of online friends, collaborators, and instigators to help me get out of a rut of feeling too down about not having people I can talk to… It’s definitely not perfect, and if I’m […]

Community Mail: Intelligence, Business as Machine

RE: Intelligence One of my favorite questions to ask people is: What is the difference between smart and intelligent? In reality, there is no difference. At least not according to a dictionary or thesaurus. But what’s interesting is that due to question bias, people try really hard to find a difference because they “know” there’s a difference […]

The Attention Economy

We’re living in the attention economy. But the more you shout, the fewer results you’re getting! The problem isn’t SEO, the lack of a social media intern, or PR. Something is broken with the way we approach acquiring customers, leads, and fans. Because most of these solutions… provide only cosmetic fixes. (Doctoring up your brand […]

Community Mail, Re: What is Art?/Productivity.

Re: Productivity Interesting thoughts, David! I’ve been struggling with metrics for a long time now. Most writers use word count as a metric. Thing is that while I’m a writer, daily word count turned out to be an aweful and discouraging metric. Just because I pound at my keyboard x number of times doesn’t mean […]

Last Week’s Livestream with Sian Richardson

We’ve all got the same tools, but some use them differently. Which is why in the era of democratized design (i.e Squarespace, Canva et all), it’s harder and harder to stand out. Sian’s work has always stood out to me. It’s always looked like it’s… hers. So when I saw her work about 3-4years ago […]

Community Hangout 06 – Sian Richardson

Hey all, Another Friday, another Community Stream with a guest. (~11:10 PST) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sG7Rh1R3FEo Like always we’re pulling inspiration, tools, and process all guided by this week’s artist. Come hang out, chat ask questions chill etc… No Agenda…. See you soon, xx David

Communicating your Message

  The Audience (~90%) This is your largest demographic by far and makes up the bulk of your email list, your followers on social media, the readers of your blog. This group has found you because of your communication. And more specifically, because they align with your belief system about your business, your products, the […]

Community Hangout // 002

Hey all, Doing an impromptu community hangout/livestream in the next 5-10 minutes (~12:20 PM PST.) Use this link here to join: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_h_pMOvbFk Agenda No real agenda, browsing the web, Q&A chatting about new projects, recent posts. Bring your own tea/coffee or link of preference. Think of this like our coffee shop, a study hall.. browsing the […]