Last week’s livestream with Matthew Bogart

  I found Matthew’s Patreon via Just Jackson’s Twitter. Matthew makes webcomics, specifically Incredible Doom, which is about growing up in the 90’s and accessing the internet for the first time. The comic is a sort of onion, laden with deeper truths and experiences that we all share. I remember going online for the first time, […]

An Interview with Ed Latimore

For my second interview, I spoke with Ed Latimore. He’s shares his unique life experiences from being a professional boxer to currently studying Physics. Ed’s style of communication is direct, and always from a place of “Skin-in-the-game,” meaning he speaks about what he personally has involvement in, and not that which he doesn’t. ________________________ DS: What life […]

An Interview with James Altucher

Carving out your own path in life is difficult. Often you look for other beacons in the wilderness, someone to show you that you can make it your own way, even if failure and fear are inevitable. Just seeing another light out there, even if it’s far away, helps.Coming off of multiple failures, and fresh out of […]