“Reading List”

Media Bag, November

  I don’t usually watch shows outside of Survivor or the occasional cooking show like “The Great British Bake-off”, but after my friend Patrick recommended it I had to as he’s the go-to film buff, keeping his own records of what he watches with ratings next to them. And being that it was British TV, […]

The Naval Tweetstorm

Twitter is where culture meets conversation. Instagram is too image based, and there are no discussions. I mean, I’m not going there to learn. It’s for shopping, flaunting, and sharing travel. Facebook is the town square: where you bump into old friends and stay up to date. But on Twitter… Networks are being constructed, topics […]

Reading List: The Third Door

I saw Alex speak at Mountain Gate. Well, to back up, I was sitting at the coffee shop on Broadway reading an email from an obscure IOT company when someone came up to me and said, “hey, do you work there?” I gave him my spiel and came to learn he was in tech M&A. I […]