Today’s Tea Leaves (Dec. 2018)

  Your iPhone is a key. It unlocks pretty much everything related to your day to day living, from your car (summon an Uber), to maps, music, friends, destinations, bookings, reminders. This is still just the beginning. What is a store? Everything is shipped to you. Fast fulfillment reigns, your average goods become commodities and […]

“Live Blogging”

*|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* ☕Creative Caffeine ✉ Join Newsletter (http://Creative-Caffeine.com) ✎ (http://noagenda.tv) Web View (http://creative-caffeine.com) ✄ Share URL (*|ARCHIVE|*) “Podcast” was a term adopted thanks to the iPod, newly able to broadcast our voices without any gatekeeper who owned the airwaves of radio. The word has always felt a bit clunky to me, maybe a bit too formal? […]

2018 Superpowers

The greatest skill of 2018 is Discernment. Fake news, Fake Science, Real News, Real Science… What the hell is going on out there? Every day we turn on streams of other people’s thoughts. These streams of minds are coming out of your radio, your Twitter feed, your Facebook timeline and it’s filled with positivity or […]


    Command + Shift + 4 —> Highlight section —> Finder –> Screenshots –> Upload to Screely.   I’ve already taken 6 screenshots today, my guess is an average of 14 a day. If I want to capture it in a way that’s more than just a scrap of an idea, or present something […]

Algorithmic Email

What is it that makes social networks different than email? Right now Gmail is a chronological feed, could it not be in the future that AI will read the mailings and place them in an order depending on urgency and other markers of importance? It’s already beginning, with the introduction of “Promotions” and “Social” tabs […]

Creative Caffeine – Today’s Moment of Gratitude

When I think about my day, and how I spend my time, I’m starting to see how simple it really is. Most of how I spend my time now is dedicated to this small screen of my computer or phone. Sure, it’s a scary place, a stressful place, or mean place… if you let it […]


How can a product so simple, with so few updates, stay so relevant? Sure, they made it 280 characters now. And I’ll be honest, I think it’s improved. Was the original 140 characters a fluke? A guess? I’m not sure. But the guard rails produce the best in all of us. We had to constrain our […]

The Story of May (Pt. 1)

STORY OF MAY, PT 1. Each of the days bleeds together, one after the other like train cars. I wake up and shower, brush teeth and apply a variety of scents and moistures. The smells are the same. The sounds of the squeaking and creaking of pipes when I shut off the water pressure is […]

Bitcoin Goes Mainstream

  Make no mistake. This is really about permission to build our own financial instruments. The gatekeepers are falling in every industry, and it’s time for one of the last ones, finance, to topple. The blockchain, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies are showing the potential to transform how we interact with, store, and share our money […]