Good Travel, Bad Travel

Hey out there, I’m prepping for a trip to Bangkok in almost a week’s time. I’ll continue my writing while abroad, I hope, but should the Jet Lag get to me and it gets quite over here don’t hesitate to send a note to check up on me. I’m laying out the details and thinking […]

Do you believe in ghosts?

She asked. “Ha, No…” I replied. We had just trespassed onto a structure that looked like a small section of the Great Wall of China. This was at the edge of the city of Toledo, Spain, right by the Tagus river. We’d left our rooms around 10:30 as it was too hot to sleep inside. What […]

Sunday Briefing – A Spark

A fire doesn’t start until a there’s a single spark. You can have all of the kindling in place, dry wood and brush, but until there’s that light… There’s no fire. —- Welcome back to another week on earth, the 8th week of the year. Writing in from Big Bear California, from an antique-filled cabin […]

Ideas for Coffee Shops

Over the past 3-4 years, I’ve worked almost exclusively in coffee shops. From Columbus to Santa Monica, I’ve tried many.  I’ve spent 4-6 hours per day in them: Mostly, as someone looking to get work done, often just to read or hold a meeting. I don’t know if this makes me an expert on anything, […]

Hipsterify: Williamsport

[ 6 hours east of Columbus, back in the midwest for a wedding.] I opted to stay downtown in Williamsport, at the Genetti Hotel, the most prominent landmark in the area. Owned by Gus Genetti, whom I assume is a giant of the town based on the size of his name on the property. And […]

I See Artists Everywhere

Art is about how you approach the craft! It’s something we’ve said at DTS for a while. “We believe that artists exist everywhere: Accountants, interior decorators, teachers, professional party throwers…being an artist is about how you approach your craft rather than a title you acquire. “ Like a story from last night when I saw art in an unexpected place. […]