Russian Doll on Netflix

  Right now we swap through Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon equally. I “cut the cord” 6+ years ago. Some time in college. I could always find sports if I needed and everything else I pirated. Until now, thanks to the streaming services. The $15 is well worth the convenience, and so like burning CD’s disspeared […]

The New Creative World

The biggest shift of the next few decades will be of the mind. Wait for it; the books, the lectures, the debates, the gurus – all will turn their focus from our structural institutions to upgrading our individual mindset and it’s adaptability. It’s the next frontier. And I’m not talking about intellectualism. And I’m not […]

What is Productivity?

  Time is a poor measure. Yet, that’s the system we’re still in. I’ve had a hard time in the past understanding if I’m being productive or not. I’d get to the end of the day, and if there were hours still available and I’d feel pressure to fill that space because it feels like […]

What is Art?

    Art is everything you don’t have to do, but choose to do. Art is the decision to go above and beyond. It’s an overflowing cup. Transactional work is uninspiring (You give me this, I give you that). Art is giving someone your humanity, listening with empathy, sharing your experience. Making someone feel. We need […]